EL PUENTE erreD (working title) will be an artist residency in Dominican Republic that will take place in the summer of 2019. Through creative time, workshops, studio sessions, concerts and networking activities, we will invite artists from Dominican Republic, Cuba and Puerto Rico to participate in creative experimentation. By being a part of this residency, each artist will be given the space and time to work through creative innovation that contributes to a critical moment in world history in which artists suffer from the unsustainable constraints and limitations of global capitalism.


We recognize Dominican Republic as a critical part of the global music industry— a bridge between the Caribbean urban music scene and the rest of Latin America. Dominicans are taste-makers and often set the scene. As always, we focus on Caribbean artists because of our contributions to global pop-culture despite of the constant state of colonialism, imperialism, privatization, and theft.


The Caribbean is the starting point of the new world, and we feel blessed on this journey to create the next one.


For questions or to get involved, please message Luna at lunaog13@gmail.com.