Born in Havana, Cuba, AfroRazones began as a  multimedia project and compilation album intended to archive new manifestations of Afro-Cuban identity through hip hop, R&B tracks and spoken word.


The album, AfroRazones, launched on April 28 2017. It acted as one part of a greater archival process and sought to shift the way many Cuban artists interact with the music they create. Stemming from a deep legacy on the island, the artists worked collaboratively out of DJ Jigüe's Guámpara Studios in Havana, Cuba to process and create knowledges around being Black in Cuba.


We presented the project at a time when Black people globally are thinking through questions of diaspora and belonging.


One night on Havana's malecon after a series of AfroRazones workshops, four Cuban

artists heard IFE for the first time, and identified with the music so heavily that they asked the AfroRazones team to assist them in making an official remix.


These artists — El Individuo, JD Asere, Positivo and Amehel Misión Raíz — took it upon themselves  to conduct research and write verses that gave Cuban flavour to the spiritual Puerto Rican groove.


The AfroRazones workshops were succesful in opening the minds of everyone involved to the potential of digital collaborations. With "3 Mujeres Havana Remix" we were able to rupture a long-time digital block.