This New Compilation Connects Afro-Cuban Hip-Hop to The Global Black Resistance

"An inheritor of the golden era of conscious Afro-Cuban rap (1995-2004), AfroRazones also aligns itself with what has been called The New Afro-Cuban Movement; the recent presence of several antiracist activists and organisations in Cuba’s public sphere after recent understanding of the delicate future of race relations in post-socialist Cuba." - Pablo D. Herrera Veitia


AfroRazones Compilation Traces the Legacy of Black Resistance From Havana to The Bronx

"As much as this is an individual process, it’s also one that sets an example for other Latinx cultural arenas, encouraging a more critical (and oftentimes, self-critical) take on broad concepts like mestizaje, Latinidad, racial myths, or the term Latinx itself, which often leave a dangerous amount of space for ambiguity and erasure." - Sara Skolnick



These Cubanas Explore Black Female Identity One Canción at a Time

"The compilation album, which debut on April 28, includes canciones from island-based artists, bringing the sounds of Cuban hip-hop and r&b to the world at a time when the country itself opens its borders in a major political moment." - Raquel Reichard


Documenting the Afro- Cuban Experience, One Track at a Time

"The AfroRazones team makes it clear that the creative exchange between Cuba and the U.S. won’t stop after the release of the album, especially at a time when increased digital access can empower Cuban artists to take control their own narratives. Rodriguez, who doubles as the team’s Cuban rap veteran, knows that the hip-hop baton has been officially passed down to a new generation that can see possibilities in a digital world. 'Rapcubano is alive and there are many new artists making music that people need to listen to. Case closed.'” - Janice Llamoca



AfroRazones, el Orgullo Negro Como Bandera

"Más allá de ello, sin embargo, AfroRazones —según DJ Jigüe— tiene otra premisa: 'Mostrar que existe un rap cubano, que no imita a nadie. Tenemos muchas influencias, pero tratamos de tener un discurso propio. Sé que cuando la gente escuche cada uno de los tracks del álbum va entender de dónde venimos, qué queremos'” -Lorena Sánchez


IBERO 90.9

AfroRazones: Orgullo Afrodescendiente, Raíces y Emancipación Musical

"El Individuo, Rostik, Sigrid, Luz de Cuba, entre muchos otros confluyen y dan forma a esta amalgama de ritmos, manifiesto lírico-musical que pone en la palestra mediática la lucha cotidiana de los pueblos afrodescendientes.” -Prensa Pocajuta



Rositik's "Yo No Soy" Collides Timba and Hip Hop to Celebrate Black Cuban Resistance

"A taste of AfroRazones comes today in the form of “Yo No Soy,” a thumping, timba-laced track from rap fusion artist Rositik, who is also the director and vocalist of the group Company Yo. Rositik spits at warp speed, practically snarling as she fires off her message of self-love and black empowerment: “Soy negra libre, inteligente/de pelo duro y consistente/blanco y negro no es diferente/somos humanos y somo gente.” -Julyssa Lopez



El Individuo, "Mi Raza" on The New York Times' Friday Playlist

"In a track that draws its hurtling urgency from frenetic Afro-Cuban percussion and its stubbornness from a snaky repeating synthesizer line, Individuo cites African roots, the Black Panther Party and Afrika Bambaataa alongside figures like Juan Gualberto Gómez, who strove for Cuban independence from Spain and racial equality." -Jon Pareles


'AfroRazones' Dips Into The Living, Breathing Oasis of Afro-Cuban Identity Through Hip-Hop

"In a time when black people globally are trudging through questions of diaspora and belonging comes a multimedia project that aims to use the transformative potential of hip-hop to confront themes of representation, accessibility and even technology. " -Marjua Estevez


El Individuo Connects Black Cuba To The World On “Mi Raza”

"It's the first of 11 more tracks on the AfroRazones hip-hop and R&B compilation project that unpack black identity in Cuba, to protect it and also boost transnational solidarity at a peculiar political moment for the slowly-opening island nation, as well as the world." -Anupa Mistry 


Luz de Cuba's "Identidad" on Los Angeles-based radio show, THE ARCHIVE OF FEELINGS 

AfroRazones on Managua-based radio show, RockFM

AfroRazones on D.F.- based radio show, IBERO 90.9

Etian Brebaje Man's, "Libro de Santo del Ghetto" on Seattle-based radio show, EL SONIDO from KEXP and Chilly

El Individuo's, "Mi Raza" on Marseille-based radio show, RUMBAKETUMBA

El Individuo's, "Mi Raza" on Seattle-based radio show, EL SONIDO from KEXP and Chilly

El Individuo's, "Mi Raza" on Ed Morales' show, LIVING IN SPANGLISH