Executive Producer

Born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico in a bicultural Puerto Rican/ New Mexican household, Luna Olavarría Gallegos works around questions of internet, diaspora, and cultural specificity. She is an archivist and writer, and through her work seeks to uncover histories that work in opposition to violent narratives.


Musical Director and Producer

Isnay Rodríguez— otherwise known as Dj Jigüe— is founder and director of Guámpara Productions , Cuba's only independent mutli-media production label. Jigüe's debut album Metamorfosis was followed by starting Guámpara in an effort to honor his Santiago de Cuba roots. Through his work, Dj Jigüe strives to center Cuban blackness by acknowledging rhythms, instruments and practices that are inherently afro-descendent.  


Queens native as a result of Romania meets Curaçao, Laura Catana is a wonder-lust enthusiast, cultural advocate and music junkie. Her passions for unearthing honest music through human connections lead her to become manager of Guámpara Productions, representing Cuba's only independent production label. Guámpara continues to be a force on the island, providing local music scenes and the rest of the world a set of genre-breaking Afro-Cuban artists. 

Photography and Video

Eli Jacobs-Fantauzzi of FistUP.TV s an award-winning filmmaker who documents people's stories from around the world as a way to expand community awareness around issues of social responsibility and cultural identity. His short film series "Tengo Talento" just won Best Short at the International documentary film festival "Santiago Álvarez” in Cuba. 

Advisor and Press Liaison

As a long-time cultural advocate and artist/organizer, Natalia "Conrazón" Linares creates visibility for independent artists of color who are rebalancing the world. Hailing from Staten Island, New York City, and raised by an immigrant Cuban mother and Colombian father, she is a digital nomad splitting her time between the East and West coast.  Natalia now works with New Economy Coalition to find sustainable alternatives to our world's economic systems.

Graphic Design

Helman Avelle is  a Havana-based designer whose work spans medium and context. For AfroRazones he created the design working through a lens of aligning contemporary graphic design with Afro-Cuban codes. Outside of this project, he does cinematographic work with the ICAIC— "Cuban Institute of Art and Cinematographic Industry". 


Project Assistance
Ained Martinez- Production Assistance and Contracts 
Edenized Perez- Educator
Kamerum- Mix and Master
Ariel Reyes- Workshop Assistance
Diana Hernández- Biographies